Comments About the 2017 Dream Girls Conference

​​“My experience was awesome. I bonded with my sisters, and Mom and Auntie more.” 6th grader girl

“I learned to respect my body, and learned about love.”- 7th grade girl

“My overall experience was great!  I loved everything about this conference…it was really great.  I really needed this conference for my self-esteem, and made me feel more confident about myself.” 7th grade girl

“I learned to respect myself and that all girls are important” -8th grade girl

“It opened my eyes to so much because before this my self-esteem was low, now walking away I feel better about myself-.” 8th grade girl

“My overall experience was learning about how important I am, how not to listen to the opinions of others.  I am beautiful. I am not a statistic. I can do anything I set my mind to, and I can be anything.” -8th grade girl

“It was a great experience it changed my perspective on boys, school, and my life.” 9th grade girl

“Everything was amazing. It taught me a little more about self-worth…” -9th grade girl

…I would attend next year because… “My best friend needs to hear this.”-9th grade girl

“Today the speakers and some singers really amazed me.  They really pulled me deep into life & my future.”10th grade girl

“I learned about loving who God made you and no man is worth you giving up your soul unless he puts a ring on your finger and has the pleasure to call you his wife.” 11th grade girl

“I had an extremely good experience; another motivator to continue pushing me on everything I had and will go through.” -11th grade girl

“This is so much better than going out clubbing…This helped me so much, self- help, and self-love is important and seeing all these people here give me hope that in the future the world will be a better place.”- 12th grade girl.

“I stood up and overcame fear and said I needed help." -12th grade girl

“It gave my grands… a good education about STD's, ….”- Adult

“Great way to engage females and discuss topics in an open, positive environment.”-Adult

“I was able to spend this powerful and inspirational conference with my beautiful teenage daughter, and we both shared laughs, cries, fellowship and God’s word.”- Adult

“I was truly blessed. It was a wealth of information and I wish all the youth I know could attend. So good to see blacks and whites worshiping and sharing together.” -Adult

“I was truly blessed. It was a wealth of information and I wish all the youth I know could attend. So good to see blacks and whites worshiping and sharing together.” -Adult

“This is an awesome way to reach the minds and hearts of young girls who are silently struggling with issues which are not properly or appropriately addressed in… home, schools and … churches.” -Adult

“Today extremely exceeded my expectations! This was amazing…I hope to bring 70 young ladies next year.” -Adult


“I did not know what to expect when my daughter was invited, but I am here to say that the scope of the event just blew my mind! It was on a much larger scale than I had imagined. It was very organized and the topics and entertainment was simply magnificent. I plan to bring a group of young people with me next year. I think that this event offers so education and inspiration for youth, especially in the current time in which we live. Thank you for your effort in reaching out to young people. Your hard work and dedication is paying off in a huge way, and God is and will continue to bless this effort because one can see how it is growing from year to year." -Adult

“I was able to bring two girls to the conference. I now know that I need to bring the entire student population at my school. This was an amazing conference. It's definitely worth giving up a Saturday for.” -
School Counselor

 “This is an awesome conference. Well put together. Much needed topics. Very informative. Real time present issues. My group was able to purchase books that we read together several times a year. This conference helps our Youth Department staff with topics that we can use to talk not only to our children but our parents. We look forward to the conference every year. This conference goes into our yearly budget. Not only do I look forward to bringing our girls but they look forward to coming every year.” - 
Group Leader