About Youth Empowerment Services, Inc.

The mission of Youth Empowerment Services is to empower girls through Christian principles to discover, embrace and appreciate their self-worth leading to a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Youth Empowerment Services (Y.E.S.), is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that has been an integral part of Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties since 1999. Since its inception, Y.E.S. has recruited and trained over 500 adult and peer mentors and volunteers who have faithfully served over 5,000 people through various school and community-based mentoring programs, college prep activities, community service opportunities, leadership development, conferences, parenting sessions and community awareness activities.

Y.E.S. programs and activities are specifically designed for at- risk middle and high school girls to empower them with resources to help them make healthy decisions that will enhance their mental, social, spiritual and emotional health and well-being. Our programs and activities are offered in schools and throughout communities. Evaluations reveal that 85% of our participants successfully complete our programs, and parents report positive change in behavior of girls who participate.

Y.E.S. programs are successful due to the consistency in our approach and message as well as the respect and confidence we have received over the years. Our success is also due to the support from individuals in our community as well as our partnerships and collaborations with schools, the faith-based community, businesses, agencies, state and local government, and community organizations. Y.E.S. continually receives requests for programs for girls from communities across South Carolina. We also offer our Annual Dream Girls Conference which attracts over 1,200 girls and adults from over 60 cities in South Carolina and beyond.

                    Visit our website at 
www.yescouncil.org for additional information.